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HOWS THIS FOR A COMEBACK [entries|friends|calendar]
penny lane

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[06 Nov 2009|11:41pm]
Blake moved to SF 2 years ago.

He applied to a job in the D today.

He said its because he misses  me.

If he gets the job and moves here my whole sweet new life would change.

I am scared.
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<3 Dearborn update<3 [22 Oct 2009|11:51am]
Love it here<3
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This genie at the bottom [21 Jul 2009|01:35am]
he owes me one last wish....
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[29 May 2009|07:41pm]
So i got out of work early because i worked a party. I was waiting for the bus and some older black gentleman asked me where i live. I told him i live in Wyandotte, he then replied "you all get high down in Wyandotte". I told him no. Then he tried to sell me a pair of earrings out of his pocket and then lit up a joint. At a public bus stop with small children around. There is a place and time for that......and its not at the bus stop.
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[22 May 2009|02:14am]
i would rather date a jew
then to spend one more night
lying next to you

no wonder you cant sleep
your conscience is eating at your flesh
only your bones will be left

and they are lying too
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[18 May 2009|11:26pm]
The fact that  Bennihanas is closed from 2:30 till 5:30 pisses me off.

Now i understand why we get a late lunch pop around 3-4.

But if i am not at work capitalizing on this.....it just pisses me off.
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BINGO! [19 Apr 2009|07:21pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

I played BINGO last night for the first time ever and loved it!! I spend 15 dollars and won 310 on a cover all!!!

Needless to say i will be playing again next week!

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soooo happy [12 Mar 2009|10:16am]
So far i have already ordered 5 books off Amazon dot com and its not even noon yet!
I had an amazing night last night and i am in such a good mood this morning.
Its funny how things work out...the person i wrote-off all summer was actually the one who cared about me the most.
Another bad choice i made when i was drinking....SO FUCKING HAPPY im SOBER!!
I want to stand on top of a mountain and just scream......


Instead of screaming from mountain tops i think im just going to take my dog for a walk.
The sun is shining bright on spruce street today..
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Captains log--day 97 [02 Mar 2009|07:46pm]

"I am not an angry girl but it seems like I've got everyone fooled every time I say something they find hard to hear they chalk it up to my anger and never to their own fear and imagine you're a girl just trying to finally come clean knowing fully well they'd prefer you were dirty and smiling"
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[15 Feb 2009|08:36am]
[ mood | sick ]

If i have learned anything it is that people cannot be depended on.  No matter what the circumstance is, i always get let down.

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Note to self: [07 Oct 2007|12:04am]
86 the cheap whiskey for life
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[24 Aug 2007|02:54am]

One for business one for pleasure


Keep one dear to your heart

Make the other feel like she is the world to you

Keep one for formal outings

One for late nights at the bar


One drives a lexis

One drives a jalopy


One in a suit

The other appears mildly sloppy


Anything you will say or do

You know this girl gave everything for you


Let her down slowly

Tell her its not her fault


Before you drive off it to the sunset

Know that you will lose her forever


The least you can do

Let her know she deserves better.

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[04 Jun 2007|04:36pm]
I graduate in 4 days!! I couldn't be happier to be done with baker college, finally. Originally my course of action was to take a fall semester at henry ford and then transfer to uofm dearborn in the winter. Although, due to the fact that im having trouble finding a job with the paralegal degree from baker college, i submitted an application to the Peace Corps. today. Other then that my life has been crazy. My back teeth are still floating in credit card debt, and i find that the majority of my incoming calls are from 800 numbers that i owe money to rather then friends. Lately i have found myself crying alot for no reason. If i cant find a job as a paralegal in michigan then im headed out of state or off to a third world country with the peace corp....I also quit drinking. I am off probation in one month exactly. That should be more than enough time to clean up my act and figure out what the hell i'm doing here. Hopefully everything will fall in place with little complication. In the mean time im going to be doing an internship this summer, and taking a couple of writing classes to improve my grammar, which as i'm sure you can tell is horrendous.
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vote for u of m [05 Apr 2007|02:31pm]
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ive learned alot [27 Mar 2007|03:38pm]
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make offer [16 Dec 2006|12:38am]

squire affinity p-bass

Ampeg B100R Rocket Bass Combo Amplifier

Speakers: 15 in.

Tone Controls: 4-band

Dimensions: 19 x 21 x 14 in.

Weight: 65 lbs.

make offer.
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thanksgiving parade!!! [22 Nov 2006|01:14pm]
im really excited for the thanksgiving parade this year, minus the fact that ryan cabrrrraa-whatever is going to be in it, hopefully it will go down like this,
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

muhahahhaha, yes!

in other news i might be getting a new job, well not really "job" persay but sort of
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it seems this man needs someone to update his site and im his girl!

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One more reason to absolutly love ann arbor.. [20 Nov 2006|02:42pm]
Ive been happier the last 3 nights ive spent in Ann Arbor then i have been in a really long time.
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[18 Nov 2006|03:28pm]
[ mood | amused ]

due to the recent increase in lurks and creeps ive had to go friends only
people bringing their wack ass bullshit all up in my livejournal

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[09 Nov 2006|11:55am]
ughhh why is life so miserable
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